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Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Life Insurance?

At Advantage Insurance Group, we’ve been helping our friends and neighbors explore their options for life insurance and long-term planning for many years. It’s our job to help you find the right level of life insurance coverage and benefits based on your needs, so you can have peace of mind knowing your family and loved ones will enjoy a stable future and financial security.

Life Insurance Options

Finding the right life insurance policy should be a core aspect of your retirement plans, as well as taking care of your family. Your life insurance protection will fall under two primary categories:

Permanent Life Insurance

Whole life insurance: Whole life insurance policies offer lifelong coverage and cash-value investment options. They provide benefits like policy loans or tax-deferred cash accumulation and ensure lifelong financial security for your loved ones. A whole insurance policy never expires if you pay your premiums in full.

Universal life insurance: Universal life insurance policies have more flexible coverage and allow you to modify your monthly payments and death benefit. Plus, it’s a cash-value policy that you can access over time and offers lifelong life insurance protection for your loved ones.

Term Life Insurance

Unlike permanent policies, a term policy has no cash value and only provides coverage for a set amount of time, usually between ten and 30 years. Should you pass during the set term, your designated beneficiary will receive a death benefit. Term policies are also surprisingly affordable.

Level term: A level-term policy is the most common type. The primary advantage to a level term policy is that your premium will never increase, even as you age and your health changes.

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Would you like to learn more from an experienced financial professional about investments and long-term retirement planning? Starting soon, we’ll be holding seminars to help you learn more about saving money and planning for your golden years. Reach out to one of our specialists to learn more and secure your spot!

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